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Why people are going Cookoo for KUKA

Kukaburra (KUKA) is the latest and greatest frictionless yield token operating on KuCoin Community Chain (KCC). KUKA is designed to power the Kukaburra ecosystem as well as to legitimize and grow the KCC ecosystem.

Redistributed Finance

Each transfer of KUKA has a 6% fee which is redistributed to holders and used to provide liquidity on KuSwap. Half of the transfer fee is distributed to holders and the other half is automatically allocated to LP creation.

Sick Burns

A portion of the KUKA derived from each transfer is burned.

Cheap as Chips!

The total supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 ensures that even just 1 KCS can be traded for a healthy amount of KUKA.

Locked Liquidity

The liquidity allocated from the transfer fee is locked, ensuring the sustainability of trading and the longevity of the Kukaburra ecosystem.

The KUKA Roadmap


Phase 1 (The Release)

  • Deploy Kukaburra Contract
  • Lock Liquidity
  • Burn 20% of Supply

Phase 2 (The Watering Hole)

  • Develop Drip+Burn Contract
  • Lock Drip Rewards

Phase 3 (The Forest)

  • Develop Staking Contract
  • Expand Forest Offerings

Phase 4 (The Roost)

  • Develop Liquidity Incentive Contract
  • Expand Liquidity Incentives
  • Expand Ecosystem external revenue

Phase 5 (The Nest)

  • Develop Vault Contract
  • Develop Egg Reward Contract
  • Develop Egg Game Contract

Phase 6 (The Flock)

  • Develop Gamified Airdrop Contract
  • Create Airdrop Campaigns

Phase 7 (KukaNFT)

  • Develop NFT Contract
  • Expand NFT Offerings

Phase 8 (The Riot)

  • Develop Community Governance Contract
  • Develop Community Treasury Contract
  • Transfer Ownership of Ecosystem to Governance

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The Early Bird Gets The Worm...

Half of the 6% transfer fee is awarded to token holders. Early participants will accumulate more KUKA with each transfer, rewarding users for holding—the more volume in the Kukaburra ecosystem, the greater the reward for KUKA holders.

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